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Full Auto Slider Plastic Side Sealing Zipper Bag Machine

  • ZF-800

Full Auto Slider Plastic Side Sealing Zipper Bag Machine


The main uses of the equipment are as follows:

Auto Slider hot side sealing plastic zipper bag making machine is a product independently developed by our factory. It is a multi-purpose plastic zipper bag machine. It produces various zipper bags, bone bags, garment bags, etc. It mainly solves the problem of traditional multi-color printing of self-sealing bags, and the problem that the size of bags is limited by the mould.

main features

1. This machine adopts advanced Taiwan Weilun touch display, advanced PLC computer program, servo drive, automatic rectification control program, the whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation.

2. The machine has the functions of automatic feeding, bottom folding, hot closing of hot knife, point breaking, punching, ultrasonic welding hot spot, high-speed automatic pull-up head of vibration disc and so on.

3. The machine has automatic counting, automatic shutdown of material breaking, electro-eye tracking of arbitrary length, automatic failure alarm, photoelectric rectification of feeding, automatic tension control, etc.

4. Bag-making machine automatically pulls up the head, improves production speed, saves labor and improves production efficiency.

MAIN Technical parameters



Production Speed


Bag length


With slider max 650mm

Bag width




The speed of slider mounting


Power Supply


Total Power

7.5 KW

Overall Dimension(L*W*H)



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It has 15+ years’ experience specialized in R&D and manufacture of high speed bag making machines.
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