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Introduce the composition and functions of the intelligent control system for the three side sealing self standing bag making machine

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Most zipper bag making machines have achieved intelligent control, which not only improves the automation level of the equipment, but also benefits the accuracy of bag making operations and reduces losses caused by errors. What kind of intelligent control system can play an important role in zipper bag making machines?

The intelligent control system of the self-supporting bag making machine with three side zippers mainly consists of two components: one is hardware, and the other is software. Let's first talk about its hardware system, which includes control circuits, data acquisition circuits, differential amplification circuits, decoding circuits, alarm circuits, and other components. Of course, the important part is the control circuit. The variable frequency voltage signal of the variable frequency motor is provided by the digital frequency converter. As the input direction will determine the forward and reverse directions of the variable frequency motor, two bidirectional optical controlled thyristors are needed in the circuit to provide AC voltage to help the motor rotate and achieve deviation correction.

The hose part of the system also includes a variety of programs, including control subroutines, data acquisition subroutines, data conversion subroutines, data processing subroutines, alarm processing subroutines, fuzzy control subroutines, etc. Each of which plays an important role. Through fuzzy control, the zipper bag making machine can have high deviation correction accuracy and processing efficiency, while also providing corresponding effects for energy conservation.

Fuzzy control technology achieves precise control of the intelligent control system of the zipper bag making machine. Firstly, an optical system is used to focus and image the positioning mark line, and optical signals are provided to optoelectronic devices through imaging; After receiving the optical signal, the optoelectronic device converts it into an analog electrical signal, which is converted into a binary digital quantity through A/D conversion. After being read in by the microcontroller and combined with the rate of change of the value, it undergoes fuzzy processing. Then, it sends out commands for variable speed forward, backward, left turn, right turn, and on/off, thereby controlling the movement and variable speed offset of the bag making packaging, enabling the bag making packaging to proceed accurately and normally.

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