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Some Problems and Solutions in the Use of Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

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There are many problems that arise during the use of the trilateral sealing bag making machine. It is important to learn how to use the machine through these problems to make it last longer. At the same time, we believe that you have also encountered these problems during use. Let's take a look at these thorny issues together.

Problem 1: The bag warping problem occurs during the heat sealing of the three sided sealing bag making machine. The reasons and solutions are as follows:

Reason for heat sealing:

(1) The thickness of the composite film is inconsistent;

(2) The heat sealing temperature is too high or the heat sealing time is too long;

(3) In the longitudinal heat sealing knife section, the running trajectory of the composite film is uneven;

(4) Insufficient cooling;

(5) Insufficient maturation time;

(6) The surface substrate film has poor heat resistance;

(7) Improper tension matching control of the composite substrate during the composite process leads to residual stress after aging and shaping, especially when the composite film thickness is thin, which is more prone to such failures.

Measures taken:

(1) Adjust the tension of the floating roller;

(2) Select inner sealing substrate with low-temperature heat sealing properties;

(3) Adjust the heat sealing temperature to a suitable temperature;

(4) Adequate cooling;

(5) Fully ripen;

(6) Re select the surface substrate film;

(7) Adjust the tension of each part of the composite processing equipment to ensure that the shrinkage rates of the two composite substrates are equal as much as possible.

Problem 2:The problem with the three sided bag making machine in the process of manufacturing three sided sealing bags is the brittle and broken sealing of the bag making machine. This situation is particularly distressing, as not only the bag cannot be used normally, but also causes resource waste. Let's take a look at the reasons and solutions below!


(1) The heat sealing temperature is too high;

(2) Excessive pressure;

(3) Excessive heat sealing time;

(4) The edge of the upper sealing device of the bag making machine is too sharp or the polytetrafluoroethylene covered is damaged;

(5) The silicone rubber at the bottom seal of the bag making machine is too hard;

(6) During the compounding and aging process, a portion of the adhesive penetrates into the interior of the film. Due to the penetration effect of the adhesive, the toughness (impact resistance) of the substrate decreases and its brittleness increases;

(7) After cooling and placing, the heat sealing strength of plastic composite packaging bags increases, and there is also a tendency to become brittle.


(1) Select the appropriate processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time according to the heat sealing characteristics of the inner seal material;

(2) Improve the surface condition of the upper heat sealing knife of the bag making machine to make the surface of the sealing device flat;

(3) Cover well with polytetrafluoroethylene cloth;

(4) Choose a silicone rubber pad with appropriate hardness.

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