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Honeycomb paper cushion bag making machine (two lines)

 This machine is special designed for making bags which laminate the Kraft paper and Honeycomb paper by glue.
  • KPEB-700-HP

  • WZZL

  • 8477800000


Honeycomb paper cushion bag making machine

(two lines)



1. The surface paper must adopts pure paper, there have to be a cross width code mark which size is 5x40mm, please propose if you cant print it.

2. Because of the original honeycomb paper width is under 500mm, when making different size of bags, have to lap joint the redundant paper in the middle.

3. The glue for second time heat seal after folding must be non-sticky glue after cooling or air drying.

Ⅰ.Brief Introduction:

1. This machine is special designed for making bags which laminate the Kraft paper and Honeycomb paper by glue.

2. Bag making method: Fixed the Kraft paper and honeycomb paper (by stretching) into two layers of Kraft paper by fixed point glue spraying method, and then by, second gluing, folding and cutting into a environmentally cushion bag which used in express industry.

3. This machine uses multi point advanced motion controller technology. It is controlled by computer program from film unwinding to cutting. This machine is a high-quality, easy-operational and professional one to make good-looking a, durable and environment-friendly bags.

Ⅱ.Technical Parameters

1.    Suitable bags: professional designed for honeycomb cushion bags.

2. Mechanical speed: 50pcs/min, 40 pcs/min if make big size bag in one line, (bag height 500mmxbag width 350mm), 80 pcs/min if make small size bag in two lines ( bag height 300mmx bag width 200mm)

(Note: the actual speed of making bags may differ according to the size of bags)

3. Max width of bag (Height of bag):

One line: 550mm (including the envelope flap)

Double line: 300mm (including the envelope flap)

4. Maximum length of bag (width of bag):450mm

5. Maximum width of unwinding: Kraft paper: 1300mmX2, honeycomb paper 550mmx4

6. Maximum diameter of unwinding: Kraft paper 1000mm, honeycomb paper 500mm

7. Machine weight:

8. Overall Dimension: 32X2.3X2.4m(LXWXH)

9. Power required: 65KW

10. Voltage: 380V 50Hz Three Phase Five wire

11. Steel machine body

III. Main Configuration:(from cutter part to material unwinding part)

A. sealing part:

1. Computer control:

This machine multi point motion control system. 12 servo control system.

10 inches touchable human machine interface

2.Finished product collecting part.

Double layer belts type finished product conveying and collecting table, length is 2 meters.

3. Cutting part

Servo driven type high speed cutter, stepping motor drive to move back and forth.

4. Sealing part

4.4 KW high power vector inverter speed regulating

Three sets of heat sealing knife and one set of cold pressing knife (mechanical type), width 20mm. Cold pressing knife is flat type

5. Hot glue part:

Because of machine will make bags by glue lamination, it is equipped with several work position for hot melt glue machine

⑴Flap glue spraying

Release paper maximum unwinding diameter 500mm, paper core diameter 76mm

One set of domestic hot melt glue machine, incontiouns type glue spraying.

⑵Transverse glue spraying

One set of hot melt glue machine on cant board, spray a 20mm wide line before folding. And the glue must be non-sticky after cooling or air drying.

6.Folding part:

Double roller type folding rack, can fold at one side or two sides.

B. Kraft paper unwinding and honeycomb paper feeding part.

1.Honeycomb paper and Kraft paper adhesive part

After longitudinal and transverse position spraying glue on the outer layer of Kraft paper and inner side paper and then press the papers longitudinal and transverse ways to form the adhesive honeycomb paper. At the same time, it is also equipped with a servo motor-driven fixed-length pulling material pinch roller, and two sets of longitudinal and two sets of transverse sealing cold pressing knife.

This part is the core forming part of the machine, which integrates the honeycomb paper stretching device, the vertical and horizontal fixed-point glue spraying device, the positioning and pressing device, and the longitudinal pressing position as an integrated model. It is finished fully automatically by computer controller and multiple servo individually controlled.

2.Auto feeding part

Inverter speed regulating auto following type feeding material, multi rollers redundancy swing arms

Adopts domestic inverter for speed regulating of feeding material

Feeding motor is equipped with reducer.

3. Four work position Honeycomb paper unwinding part

Maximum diameter of unwinding: 500mm

Maximum width of unwinding: 550mmx4

Equipped devices that can stretch the paper into honeycomb shape by equal velocity aberration way.

1. Kraft paper unwinding part

This part has three work position unwinder, all adopts hydraulic lifting.Equipped with one 3 inches air shaft. Formula type 10 kgs magnetic automatic tension control.

Double electric eyes can rectify the deviation automatically.The maximum diameter and width are both 1300mm

Ⅳ.Supporting facilities:(The buyer supply)

1.Power: 3-phase 4-wire AC380V 50Hz and ground earth (notes: The steel diameter must be 30-50mm, the length is more than 1.5m directly put into the ground, and there should be a line conductor which more than 4 square mm leads to upside of ground) Strictly forbid the null line connecting the machine.

2. Installation filed: The buyer must make sure the ground is hard enough to support the machine run stably after installation and debugging. And to avoid the ground settlement that make the machine work abnormal or broken.

%1. Air pressure: 5 kg/cm² constant air pressure

4.Power required:AC THREE PHASE FIVE WIRE 380V 50Hz,50KW


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