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Three Sides Sealing Paper Cloth Bag Making Machine

This machine is specially developed for making transparent paper three-side sealing clothes bags by on-line gluing.
  • 1000D

  • WZZL

  • 8477800000


1000D model paper online gluing three sides sealing bag making machine

(with bottom patching function)



.Brief Introduction

1.This machine is specially developed for making transparent paper three-side sealing clothes bags by on-line gluing. The machine uses two rolls of pure paper material, which is glued and sealed online, from paper unwinding to finished product are completed at one time. The finished bag is flat and good looking, the equipment operation is simple and easy to learn, and it is a high cost-effective equipment.


(1)Can make bags in one line and two lines;

(2)Can track the printed roll for one side or both sides;

(3)Two kinds of adhesive tape on the flap;

(4)Lengthways double line perforation on the flap;

(5)Stick red strip on the flap;

(6)Making bottom patching bag (Note:cotton paper at not applicable)

3.bags that can be made on this machine:

(1)Transparent paper bag

(1) Kraft paper bag

(1) Long fiber cotton paper bag

(1) Inside adhesive tape

(1) Stick red strip on flap and double lines perforation

(1) Bottom gusset patching bag

1. Special mark

(1) This machine is equipped with two kinds of receiving table, one is for the hard paper and the other is for the soft paper;

(2) Two types of crosswise gluing gun: scracthing type and spraying type;

(3) Equipped with one set of two outputs glue machine and one set of four outputs glue machine.

(4) The crosswise cutter equipped with air blowing feeding device.

(5) Equipped with two sets of hole punching machine for the bottom patching bag.

.Technical parameters:

1. Suitable material: paper sheet roll.

2. Maximum mechanical speed: 50-80 pcs/min, small bags can make in two lines.

3. Maximum bag width:900mm(The lengthways sealing knife is 1000mm)

4. Maximum bag length(bag height):900mm(with flap)

5. Maximum unwinding diameter:φ1100mm

6. Maximum unwinding width:900mm

7.Overall DimensionLength 17m Width 1.8 m and height 2 m

8.Power required: AC three phase five lines 380V 50Hz 40Kw, three phase four wires.

9.Steel board machine body:powder painting

10.Air pressure: constant pressure over 6 kg/cm²

.Equipment Configuration:

1.Main control

PLC as main control, 10 inches human machine interface, five servo motors control system, three of the servo motors are used to track the upper and bottom layers printed rolls and crosswise applying glue. One stepping motor to drive the cutter to move front and rear finely, to avoid the waste in case the cutting not in the middle of the sealing line.

2.Apply glue part

This machine is equipped with 2 sets of hot melt glue machine:

one is for applying the hot melt glue on the bag flap,and is also equipped with two lines release paper unwinding and glue applying device.(can make in two lines when bag height is less than 450mm.)

The other one is the four outputs glue machine, it is used for apply glue crosswise and lengthways on the bag sides. The crosswise applying glue was driven by servo motor, and can drive the glue gun to apply glue according to the set length. The crosswise glue gun has two types: scratching and spraying.

1. Unwinding part

(1) There are two sets of independents heavy duty unwinding rack and one set of narrow uwnidng rack for the bottom patching. The big roll uwnidng racks both equipped with hydraulic lifting material device, formula type automatic magnetic powder tension brake, computerized deviation rectify deviation with ultrasonic detecting head. The unwinding shaft is three inches air shafts. The maximum unwinding width is 900mm and the maximum diameter is 1100mm.

(2)bottom patching part: The unwinding rack for bottom patching paper roll can go up and down. Equipped with deviation rectify controller, automatic tension control system, line pressing, single and double folding etc. It can realize to send the bottom patching paper to two layers of paper after folding to form a stand up bag. The maximum diameter of unwinding is 700mm, and the maximum width of unwinding is 260mm.

4.Sealing part

This machine is equipped with two sets of crosswise sealing knife

and three sets of lengthways sealing knife. The crosswise knife is one set of heat sealing knife and one set of cooling knife.The knife width is 25mm( can customize as customer’s requirement)

5.Electric eye tracking

Equipped with Taiwan made Kontec sensor

6.Cutting part:

Equipped with wear-resistant high-speed steel cutter, Torsional shearing device, and air curtain type soft material feeding lower cutting knife. And equipped a cutter as spares at the same time. The servo driven the cutter to fine movements. There are three sets of rolling type slitting knife and four sets of rolling type perforation knife.

7.Receiving part

There are two types of receiving device, one set of speed regulating motor drive the belts to receive the bags and the other set is soft paper receiving table.

Ⅳ.Supporting facilities:(The buyer supply)

1.Power: 3-phase 4-wire AC380V 50Hz and ground earth (notes: The steel diameter must be 30-50mm, the length is more than 1.5m directly put into the ground, and there should be a line conductor which more than 4 square mm leads to upside of ground) Strictly forbid the null line connecting the machine.

2. Installation filed: The buyer must make sure the ground is hard enough to support the machine run stably after installation and debugging. And to avoid the ground settlement that make the machine work abnormal or broken.

%1. Air pressure: 5 kg/cm² constant air pressure

4.Power required:AC THREE PHASE FIVE WIRE 380V 50Hz,50KW


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